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Mission & Goals

The mission of our organization is the provision of training and education in a lifelong learning context, which ensure the development of the human resources and cover the ever growing needs and demands of the labour market.

Human Resources

The company is staffed by thoroughly trained and experienced human resources. The majority of the permanent employees are university graduates with postgraduate studies.


The training organization IPODOMI has at its disposal modern facilities covering a total of 400m2 in Thessaloniki, North Greece.


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    The professionalism and response time left me speechless. Finally I am able to focus on what matters, my work.

    George Papadopoulos
    Josock ltd CEO

    They picked up and organised us, to the level that astounded me.

    Michell Russo
    Viky Papagiannou

    The level of professionalism exceeded my expectations!!!

    Nick Vlahos