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IPODOMI Center for Lifelong Learning was founded in 2013 and is part of IPODOMI Educational Organization which started its operations back in 1986. Starting as a supporting educational center for primary and secondary students, IPODOMI transformed through the years to a solid and intergraded educational provider covering all the levels of secondary and vocational training, satisfying the specialized needs of today’s demanding environment.  In 1991 IPODOMI has moved its premises to new modern facilities, which has been renovated in 2010. Since 1997 IPODOMI publishes its own lecture notes and books (approx. xxx books and notes up to date). IPODOMI has been certified in 2013 as a Center for Lifelong Learning by the Greek Ministry of Education.


Specializes in the following thematic fields:


  • – Economy and Business (business admin., accounting, PR, etc.)
  • – Informatics
  • – Agricultural Professions (organic cultivations, winery, super foods, etc.)
  • – Tourism and Services (cultural tourism, alternative forms of tourism, etc.)
  • – Culture and Arts (archeology, byzantine art, monument preservation, etc.)
  • – Environmental Professions (renewable energy sources, waste management, etc.)
  • – Health and Welfare (nursing, elderly care, etc.)
  • – Education (teaching, new technologies in education, etc.)
  • – Transport and Technical Fields (engineering, plumbing, electrologists, etc.)
  • – Social Policy (psychology, social workers, etc.)
  • – Graphic Arts & Design (typography, animation, radio, TV, etc.)


Mission & Goals


The mission of our organization is the provision of training and education in a lifelong learning context, which ensure the development of the human resources and cover the ever growing needs and demands of the labour market.
Our goals towards that direction are:

  • The professional qualification of people, through the continuous upgrading of their knowledge.
  • The transnational and international co-operations through innovative clusters of knowledge which lead to individual trainees intergraded development.
  • The systematic promotion of unemployed persons to the labour market, through vocational training which covers diagnosed needs.
  • The provision of career guidance and consultancy to the unemployed person, but also their connection to the labour market.
  • The facilitation of access to employment for all and the utilization of the total of human resources in a society of equal opportunities.
  • Communication and connection of different cultures and ideas.
Human Resources

The company is staffed by thoroughly trained and experienced human resources. The majority of the permanent employees are university graduates with postgraduate studies. Moreover, the Center has permanent managerial staff which possesses accumulated experience in the coordination and administration of projects, as the majority has participated in all the actions undertaken within the framework programs of the European Union.

Understanding the undeniable importance of the human resources in the effective operation and development of its activities, our company has given particular emphasis to the continuing training of its personnel, so that it adapts its knowledge and skills to the demands of the undertaken projects.

Additionally, it cooperates with a large number of external collaborators-experts, thus covering completely the individual needs of the undertaken projects.


The training organization IPODOMI has at its disposal modern facilities covering a total of 400m2 in Thessaloniki, North Greece

The personnel of the company works on latest technology PCs, has at its disposal up to date peripherals, while there is a permanent connection to the Internet through a leased line.

The facilities in Thessaloniki include in addition to the administrative and auxiliary spaces

  • 8 training rooms
  • An up-to-date library
  • A computer room
  • A study room

All the training rooms are fully equipped with all the auxiliary equipment (video projector, projector, television-video etc.)