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Provisions of the Ipodomi Edu.


In the beginning of the 21st century, we enter a new era where the traditional means of competitive advantages acquisition, like capital, ground, raw materials and technology do not represent the only determinants of success for a society. Sufficient and well-developed human resources in a professional context are the cornerstone of advancement in technological progress, enhancing the quality of life, ensuring the welfare of European citizens and contributing to Europe’s competitiveness. Therefore, new instruments have been developed for career enhancement of people contributing to the improvement of career prospects in Europe. Recently European Commission initiated the new program for Lifelong learning and Qualification, the ERASMUS PLUS program.


Ipodomi Educational Organization towards this direction provides the trainees with a variety of options for the utilisation of each program:


1.    Accommodation, nutrition, transportations.

2.    Theoretical training at the recently decorated facilities of the EDU Ipodomi or at an associated site of the municipality.

3.    Practical training with visits to respective organisations, institutions and businesses.

4.    Consistent visits to cultural centres, archaeological sites (religious sites – byzantine monuments) and sites of natural beauty ( caves, rivers, lakes etc.)

5.    Certification of attendance and training for each program to the trainees.


This is exactly the overall aim of IPODOMI’s  program: to develop an intergraded training framework for Career Development with the aim of supporting the European citizens to understand the framework conditions of labour market, how to retain effective performance and productivity and what resources are required to implement all these.